Gregory Karr- President 

AmAudit is led by its President, Mr. Greg Karr.  Mr. Karr has 35 years of utility industry specific experience.  During his early years he was employed with a major interstate natural gas pipeline.  He attained a MBA from the University of St. Thomas in 1986 and began climbing the corporate ladder with industry leading companies such as Amoco, Enron, Washington Gas, and Nicor Energy.  In his final corporate capacity he was vice president of Nicor Energy an $800MM company upon his departure.  In 2002, Mr. Karr decided to use his significant knowledge and unparalled experience to start AmAudit.

Leading the team of AmAudit with the philosophy that knowledge is only gained through experience, Mr. Karr has assembled a team of auditors and managers with industry specific experience. 


“AmAudit’s success was never in question as it was formed to deal precisely with the issues facing businesses and the private sector due to rapid and dramatic deregulation of 3 major industries: natural gas, electricity and telecommunications.”
— Gregory Karr, President of AmAudit

 Structure of Auditing Team

AmAudit’s team is organized in silos based on the utility being audited i.e. natural gas, electricity and telecommunications. The auditing team reports to project management team. The team is comprised of three people that ensure all data is collected is complete and accurate, provides priorities for each audit silo, coordinates assembly of audit report and presents final report to senior partners for approval prior to presentation to client.

The auditing team is supported by individuals from the finance and accounting team, legal team, and senior partners. The teams cross pollenate client information which ensures a complete and accurate understanding of the clients’ use of utility services for each and every facility.

Over the past 14 years, the organization's processes have been refined and optimized to ensure the most accurate and timely results for the benefit of the client. The organizational focus is on identification and implementation of savings opportunities as timely as possible... again, for the benefit of the client. Our processes and focus have been the key to our success.