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AmAudit offers a comprehensive audit of your sales taxes, and utility taxes/ utility costs - AT NO OUT-OF-POCKET COST as our fee is contingent on AmAudit recovering new tax revenues and lowering your energy costs.  Typical savings range from 5% - 10% on energy and 10% - 20% on telecommunications.  New revenue increases due to utility tax issues have point of fact balanced client budgets in some instances.  And sales tax audits often uncover surprising results.

Starting the audit process requires the signing of an authorization form that permits AmAudit to obtain "tax statements and/or customer service records" directly from gas and electricity suppliers as well as IDOR.  Additionally a contract between the client and AmAudit is signed which details the actual services to be provided and the special "contingent fee" provisions.

Armed with your written authorization and signed contract, AmAudit works directly with the appropriate public utility and IDOR to complete the audit process and prepare a detailed audit reports for our client’s approval of findings.  And best of all, unlike financial audits, AmAudit’s auditing service requires minimal staff time as AmAudit compiles most of the necessary billing history directly from the public utility. The IDOR tax statements will be sent directly to the client who will forward to AmAudit for processing.  We handle everything and you get the results.

No Money left behind

For our Municipal and Governmental clients, AmAudit assists in identifying areas where tax revenues or user fees are not being properly collected.  AmAudit studies public utility franchise agreements and tax collections to see where potential revenue shortfalls may exist.  Shortfalls are identified and corrected thereby increasing our client’s revenues.



Start knowing

Join the group of municipalities already KNOWING from our audit results their services and taxes are accurate.  So, call or email our team today and we will begin tomorrow. Our services are unmatched and will create real results. Clients of AmAudit KNOW 100% that they are receiving all the revenue they should be and also KNOW 100% that there are no overcharges or inflated bills being paid. Start KNOWING.