Illinois Public Act 096-1422

AmAudit was instrumental in initiating and proposing the framework for legislation that eventually became law in 2012. Prior to the current law PA 096-1422, Utilities and Cable providers in Illinois were free from liability and responsibility for tax or franchise fee collections.  

AmAudit: Wins Lake County Contract

Selected by the Lake County Municipal League in November 2016, AmAudit is now serving as the auditor for Lake County Municipalities. Through extensive research and evaluation of auditing firms serving Illinois, AmAudit stood out as the most qualified company to perform and deliver results for Lake County Municipalities. With AmAudit recovering revenues constantly, Lake County Municipalities will benefit greatly from our services resulting in revenues being placed back into budgets.



AMaudit first utility auditing firm in Illinois

Founded in 2002 through the vision of AmAudit's President, it was evident that there were errors and misallocated monies being lost by Illinois governmental bodies statewide. AmAudit has been proudly correcting these errors and recovering significant money for 16+ years.