Our Team

Success is directly related to management of projects.



Gregory A. Karr

As the Founder and President of AmAudit, Mr. Karr leads our team with a vision and expectation only an energy executive can possess. A 35 year career as an executive level officer of many national scale energy corporations has given Mr. Karr a unique and vast experience needed to deliver our clients significant revenue findings. As the team leader, Mr. Karr instills his knowledge of sensitive and internal utility practices within every facet of our auditing practices.

CFO - Ready for the Heat!!

CFO - Ready for the Heat!!

As a leading midwest entrepreneur, Our CFO presides as the perfectionist over our menu of services and results. As the CEO of a prestigious accounting firm as well as his leadership as Managing Director of multiple national corporations including AmAudit, Our CFO brings meticulous oversight to all projects. CFO expects flawless details and implementations for our clients with his managing philosophy of: There can be only one method and that is perfection.


Mr. Robert Pastiak

The man behind the scenes holds in his hand a background that is impeccably tailored to manage the team at AmAudit. Bob’s career background includes 40 years of business and technology management including a 24 year stint in the telecom equipment manufacturing industry. This experience also includes 10 years managing telecom related program and project management teams. Bob’s knowledge and experience is invaluable for keeping AmAudit teams moving quickly and thoroughly to timely audit completions.


Mr. Michael Furrer

As Sales Manager of AmAudit, Mr. Furrer is responsible for public relations, Government relations, and external relations. Armed with a network of associates and political relationships, he directs AmAudit in all areas providing timely and integral solutions with regard to current struggles and issues municipalities are facing. As the lead interface for all past, current and potential clients, Mr. Furrer is the primary contact to all areas of AmAudits' operations. With career experience spanning many industries such as foreign exchange brokerage, international sales/marketing, entrepreneurship, contract administration, as well as a mentorship for 7 years with the President of AmAudit, he possesses the ideal knowledge to surpass expectations.