Trust but Verify.


Governmental bodies historically had no choice except to trust their utility or sales tax revenues were collected properly.  AmAudit working with Senator Pam Althoff  was able to get legislation enacted into law in 2014 that opened the door to utility tax audits.  AmAudit is proud to be the leading independent and unbiased auditor of your utility taxes and sales taxes in Illinois. With our team of tax auditors, AmAudit identifies areas where tax revenues are not being properly collected.  It should be noted that AmAudit also audits your actual costs for utility and telecommunications service often finding opportunities to reduce those bills resulting in savings for clients.  All of our services are on contingent fee based and our findings go directly to your budget's bottom-line.  Call us at 630.327.9389


What We DO

Rather than simply trusting that utilities and businesses are accurately collecting and remitting all tax revenues due your municipality, verify that they are through a comprehensive audit. Further, let AmAudit review your costs for basic utility services such as gas, electricity and phone to ensure their accuracy and optimal rates. We perform these services on a contingent fee basis which means if we are unable to recover revenue, our services are free.

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What you do 

The beauty of our tax and cost audits is that they require minimal staff time and effort.  Our sales tax and utility tax audits simply require clients to sign documents allowing AmAudit to obtain the necessary data from the applicable utilities and taxing authorities.  Our cost audits require a copy of current client bills. We take it from there.

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